Q: Does this flare set come painted and clear coated?

A: Yes, we paint the brand new flare set to the paint code you provide us.

Q: Will the paint color match my truck?

A: It will match the paint code you provide, though keep in mind there are several factors affecting colors such as vehicle age and wear, formula interpretation, etc. Due to these factors we are unable to guarantee 100% match, but do come the closest.

Q: Where do I get my paint code?

A: Your paint code is located in your car label. Its location is different for every car. If you are unable to locate it, please call your local dealer's parts department with your VIN and they can give you your paint code.

Q: What paint do you use?

A: We have partnered with DuPont paint and do all of our paint mixing in house.

Q: Are these OEM parts: (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

A: No, they are aftermarket parts designed to fit your truck.

Q: Will the flare fit?

A: Yes, the flares are engineered to fit your truck model. (Please make sure this is the correct part you need)

Q: Is hardware included? (Clips, screws, etc)

A: Yes, hardware needed to install the flares is included

Q: When do the flares ship out?

A: We have a 15 business day handing time. Your order ships out within that time frame.

Q: What if I am unhappy with my purchase (Return Policy)?

A: We want all of our customers to be completely happy with their purchase. We have an extended 30 day return policy.